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We manufacture wooden hot tubs, barrel saunas, oval saunas, sauna houses and campsites since 2000. In addition to Estonian home gardens, our products have also found a place in the Scandinavian, Central and Western European and Japanese markets. Our products are handcrafted by experienced carpenters from carefully selected quality wood.

Oval saunas

Our oval saunas are suitable to decorate home gardens in the countryside as well as in the city. We offer them in three standard sizes, but custom solutions are also available.

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Barrel saunas
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Oval saunas
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Igloo saunas
Floating saunas
Barrel saunas on trailers
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Looking for a custom solution?

No problem, we will do it! Our masters are experts in custom solutions. You can get a sauna exactly as you want it, and one that no one else has.

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